2 Guys and SharePoint – Episode 51

Episode 51 – Rod Takes over with Flow – 1st EP of the year

We are back!! Happy 2018 everyone! Although, it feels very much like v.2 of 2017. Never mind that, we are excited to get the first show out. Its just Rod and AL in the “almost studio”. You will notice the sound quality problems as the sound proofing kit has not arrived yet.

In this week, we cover new Flow Analytics and Connectors, more PowerApps stuff, and then more Flow connectors. And as always, the regular news updates since we were last on air.




3 thoughts on “2 Guys and SharePoint – Episode 51

  1. Hi Guys, loving the reverb ob the show this week.
    Question are there links to the GDPR items Alistair was mentioning anywhere.
    I did search on Chris Gibbons and gdpr but came up blank.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it… But unfortunately it won’t be around for long (hopefully).

      I’ll ask Al about the links, and we’ll be discussing this more on the ‘cast and on our upcoming streaming show.

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