Arcadia Quest: 4 Player Campaign – Games 1 and 2

We got enough players together for a full four player campaign of Arcadia Quest. We met on a quiet Sunday, did all the preparation and got two games in.

The three Heroes I drafted for this campaign where:

With his special ability and a couple decent bows, Greensleeves should be a great sniper, able to dash in to steal the kill on an opposing Hero or important monster.
Kanga’s special ability coupled with a Life Drain spell, could keep her running forever without having to rest the party
Zazu’s special ability should allow him to keep running without a rest for as long as he has someone to act with

With these heroes, I think I have created a team that can continue to function and push for objectives much longer than my opponents. While they rest to refresh their abilities, I can swoop in and complete quests. That’s the theory anyway. We’ll see if it works in the long term.

I didn’t cover myself in glory during the two games, though I did end up with two Titles: I am Lord of Eagles and Troll Slayer. Hopefully those will be of use in our future games.

I didn’t do a spectacular job collecting gold and I didn’t pick up any quest reward items, but overall I am quite happy with how my team is equipped going into game three. I am very happy I managed to draft a Life Drain II as it should keep Zazu and Kanaga pushing forward.

For the next couple games I want to make a concerted effort to push forward as hard as possible, I want to minimize the number of nothing turns I take so that I can get the most advantage out of the Zazu/Kanaga synergy.

I also want to gather more coins in the next section, because getting a high damage attack on Zazu is key to improving my team’s performance.

We’ve got another session in a couple weeks. Let’s hope those two games go to plan.


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