Book Review: King of Ashes

After finishing what is effectively a 29 book series of epic fantasy novels, what’s the first thing you would do? If your name is Raymond E Feist, apparently you start a new one.

King of Ashes is the first book in the new series: The Firemane Saga.

I picked it up entirely because I am such a massive fan of Feist and what he managed to accomplish with the Riftworld Cycle. He defined what epic fantasy is, and the fact that he managed to complete that series in the way he did was nothing short of miraculous.

I was interested to see what it would look like when he starts an entirely new world, rather than playing in the sandbox that he had already built.

What it looks like is a masterpiece. It really shouldn’t be a surprise, but his world building is polished and engaging on a level I didn’t think possible. He does more with the 30 page epilogue than many authors can do in a full book.

If you are at all interested in heroic fantasy as a genre, I highly recommend you go pick this up. It represents a true master of the art at the top of his game.


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