Arcadia Quest: 4 Player Campaign – Games 3 and 4

We got together again to continue our Arcadia Quest campaign. As I mentioned in the last Arcadia Quest post, I was looking to be a lot more aggressive in these games.

Zazu and Kanga clean house

Our first game for the day saw us take on the Orc Hive. I did a much better job of being pro-active with all my turns, but Tim managed to pick up a refresh potion and two reactivate potions on his Grom hero, which let him really push towards the end of the game. He portal jumped to assassinate a wounded hero to finish the game and take the win. I did manage to pick up another title and had earned enough gold to buy Nightfury, Battle Cry and Die Booten.

The plan was for Kanaga to use the Die Booten to keep up with Zazu, who has Nightfury and Battle Cry to push the damage and get extra activations.

Grom jumps through a portal to finish off the dazed Hobsbawm

Our second game went much better for me. We rolled the Evershadow Disctrict and my plans all worked too perfectly for words.

Aided by some truely epic, once-in-a-life-time, die rolling, Zazu and Kanaga went on a killing spree across the board. First taking out one of Zayne’s hero’s and then rushing Lord Fang and miraculously felling him in two combats. Then I jumped on one of Nick’s wounded characters and won the scenario. I didn’t have to rest a single time in this scenario and every turn was progressing the plan. Absolutely epic.

Zazu gets into one-on-one combat with the soul of Lord Fang

My initial strategy of pushing for the Zazu/Kanga synergy seems to be paying off. I doubt I’ll be able to avoid resting at all in future, but I should be able to keep my turns productive far more than the other players.

I now have 4 titles:
– Lord of Eagles
– Troll Slayer
– Bloodstone Breaker
– Soulforged

The Lord of Eagles title did effect the Evershadow District scenario, but I didn’t end up using the extra portals it gave me access to. Hopefully the other titles will be more helpful in our future games.

Zazu has turned into a real beast and Kanga should be able to keep up and keep him swinging. Greensleeves did basically nothing in these two games, but I’m still hoping that he can pop out once in a while and snipe a cheeky kill.

We have one Inner Ring scenario and then we take on Lord Fang. Since Zazu has killed him once already, I claim the moral victory now… and hopefully the literal victory next time.


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