Power Apps Control Spotlight : Drop Down

The Power Apps Control Spotlight series is meant to provide people that are new to Power Apps with an introduction to the different controls available in the platform, showcase the most important attributes that they will need to change and give some hints and tips about their use.

This installment is about the Drop Down control.


A Drop Down control allows users to select a single value from a predefined list.


This attribute will determine the list of values available for selection.
It can be set from:

  • Data source (SharePoint, SQL, etc.)
  • Collection
  • Formula
  • Hard coded

If hard coded, the Items formula must follow the pattern:
[ “Value 1” , ”Value 2” , ”Value 3” ]

On Change
This is more useful than On Select because it runs a formula or function when the selected value changes, not when a user selects the control


Avoid hard coding values unless you are absolutely sure that this list of values will never be reused. Even then consider using a collection instead.

When customising colours, the Drop Down control has additional attributes that should also be changed:

  • SelectionColor
  • SelectionFill
  • HoverColor
  • HoverFill
  • ChevronBackground
  • ChevronHoverBackground


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