Power Apps Control Spotlight : Button

The Power Apps Control Spotlight series is meant to provide people that are new to Power Apps with an introduction to the different controls available in the platform, showcase the most important attributes that they will need to change and give some hints and tips about their use.

This installment is about the Button control.


A Button control will run a function when selected by a user



The Function assigned to the OnSelect attribute will be run when a user selects (clicks on) the button control.


The Text attribute will determine what text appears on the button.


Consider using Icons instead of buttons for common tasks such as Navigation or Save operations

The roundness of the Button control’s corners can be increased or decreased by changing these attributes:

  • RadiusBottomLeft
  • RadiusBottomRight
  • RadiusTopLeft
  • RadiusTopRight

When customising colours, the Button control has additional attributes that should also be changed:

  • HoverBorderColor
  • HoverColor
  • HoverFill
  • PressedBorderColor
  • PressedColor
  • PressedFill

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