Necromunda – New Dominion Campaign

I’ve joined a new Necromunda campaign and, to get back into the habit of blogging I’m going to be writing up some battle reports.

Necromunda is a tabletop tactical miniatures combat game based on the Games Workshop Warhammer 40k universe. In it each player takes command of a gang in the underhive, the crumbling foundations of a giant continent sized city. Over multiple games, we fight for control of territory and resources while trying to survive in the harsh conditions.

I am playing a gang from House Orlock, the House of Iron. Most of the house makes their money from slag mining and scrap prospecting, but my gang is still very much starting from scratch. In a Dominion campaign, each players starts with a Settlement territory and 1000 credits to buy their gang members and equipment.

While the models don’t have the correct equipment, I spent mine on:

The Bois

Leader: Boss. Armed with a plasma pistol and a chainsword. He’s a berserk, attacking in a frenzy in close combat.

Specialists: Pew and Pew. These identical twin brothers are, despite the models, armed differently. One has a heavy bolter (as pictured) and the other is armed with a grenade launcher with Krak and Frag grenades. They both have the Nerves of Steel skill, making them difficult to pin down with ranged fire.

Gangers: Big Tony and Little Tony each have a flail and an autopistol, Fat Tony has a boltgun, and Crazy Tony has a shotgun with solid and scatter shells.

My general plan is to have Boss get in close and personal with Big Tony and Little Tony, supported by Pew (with the grenade launcher) and Crazy Tony. The other Pew brother and Fat Tony will support from range. At least, that’s the plan. We’ll see how it plan out.

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