Mein Craft – U gotta love da Lava

Last night I died from playing with Lava. ☹

I spent an hour collecting diamonds and red sparkly things and gold,

I was trying to find my way back out of my mine, and I came across some underground water, so I tried to isolate the source block, when I placed a block, the water rushed over and flushed me deeper into this great cavern, my torches glistened miles above like so many little stars. I thought, let me just explore a little, and then I will try get home again.

And lo, I came upon another little underground river, which I successfully captured. When I reached for my bucket I realised I had left in my chest, back home. So off I went to get my bucket, and saw a brightly lit area, so I thought, ooh, I must have been here before. But it was a little 2 x 3 pool of lava. So I decided to trap the source block, just like I had just done with the little river, and I will come back with a bucket, and the start of my Lava farm ☺.

First block in place, Yatta.

Second block, not so Yatta!

And as the Lava flowed over my body, I knew it was all over.

From a distance I looked down upon my smoking pixelated corpse, let out a big sigh and some expletives, and clicked respawn.

and thus sayeth simon!


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