MtG HOU Draft – WR Aggro – 2/1

Last week, I stopped by my LGS and sat down for an Hour of Devastation draft. We ended up with two 6-man pods, and here’s the deck I drafted:


It looked nice and aggressive, which is what I wanted, though I would have liked to pick up a couple Inferno Jet’s for some reach. The games ran out as follows:

2-1 vs WBr

My first match saw me paired against a White/Black deck splashing Red for some reason. I flooded out in the second game, but games one and three went perfectly according to plan. I curved out nicely and crushed my opponent’s life total (and spirit).

0-2 vs GB

Whoof! What a harsh round. In game one, my opponent cast turn two Rhonas’s Last Stand, into Sidewinder Naga… which I might have been able to deal with… until he cast Synchronised Strike to blow me out. The Rhonas’s Last Stand token put me under such pressure I simply couldn’t afford to play around any tricks. In game two, I kept a hand with two mountains and didn’t draw another land. This lead to a predictable result.


2-1 vs RB

Round three saw me paired against a cool Red/Black aggressive deck with a ton of removal. We had three very close, super interactive games and  I managed to sneak out the win.


2-1 on the day isn’t bad, and with a little better draws (or piloting) I think this deck could have taken down the pod. A couple things I noted during my games:

  • Burning-Fist Minotaur was a very powerful card and did a bunch of work for me.
  • Rhonas’s Last Stand was terrifying when cast. Even with the drawback, it’s easily a first pick for me.
  • Blocking still sucks. It’s maybe not quite as bad as in Amonket, but I felt very comfortable attacking with my exert creatures.

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