Painting: Arcadia Quest – Goblin Archer

A friend of mine recently bought the Arcadia Quest board game, which comes with
a bunch of really great miniatures. He was kind enough to let me paint some of them, and here’s my process for the first
one: The Goblin Archer.



These miniatures are truly beautiful. My friend, Tim, had already undercoated the figures with a gray primer.


I started by painting the base colour with the greatest area. In the case of this miniature, it was the goblin’s
green skin
ArcadiaGolbinWIP3 The second stage was a brown base colour applied to the goblin’s clothing, bow shaft, quiver and sword hilt.
ArcadiaGolbinWIP4 Next I painted the goblin’s hair with a much darker brown base coat
ArcadiaGolbinWIP5 The remainder of the model is base coated in various colours.

Red for the tongue and fletching.

Off-white for the bow string, arrow shafts, eyes, teeth, bone and the skull emblem on the sword hilt.

A metallic iron colour was used for the sword and a metallic bronze for the earrings.

ArcadiaGolbinWIP6 A wash of watered down black paint is applied to bring out the model’s detail.

This also darkens the base colours and fills in any small areas we may have missed in the previous steps.

ArcadiaGolbinWIP7 Highlights are applied to all base colours.

If this were a singular character model I would have varied the highlight
colours across different areas of clothing, but as this is a standard minion and I was painting 6 of them, I didn’t
put in that level of detail.

The hair was dry brushed with the base brown colour.

The teeth were highlighted with white.

The eyes were painted yellow and given a black pupil.

Finger- and toe-nails were picked out in off-white.
All other areas were highlighted with same base colour in a few watered down layers.

ArcadiaGolbinFIN1.jpg The final step was applying the goblin’s war-paint in white

I think they turned out quite well 😀


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